It’s the heart of the matter. Go inside your mind. Your soul will meet you there. Be awed by the mystery. It will feed you. Dream journals live here.

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I’ve been away. In my mind. Not physically. It happens suddenly, this spirit travel. And when it does, I collect, sift and sort, but rarely write. It’s quite cyclical and yet I am always surprised when I realize I’ve been gone for weeks. I’m back for a while now. Who can say for how long?

Roasted Boar’s Heads

Typing that title before coffee makes me feel a little queasy, but that’s what the dream was: three boar’s heads on my kitchen counter. In the dream, people were all around, talking, paying no attention to me, and I was focused on just how the hell I was going to cook these things. While I…

Turn Off Your News-Feed and Take a Walk

Longleaf Preserve is what Buck and I call the hundred-acre wood where we have lived for the last eighteen years. It’s not a gated community with a name that evokes some long-past history. It’s an actual preserve for Longleaf pine trees and mixed-hardwoods. Buck bought the land back in the last century, in 1974. We…